Next OS X app: Calendar?

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Quick thought: if Apple is getting a lot of pressure to make Mail fully compatible with Exchange Server, is there a demand to make an app that will handle calendars and appointments from Exchange/Outlook too? Obviously, if they did it it would also be best to make it available system-wide (like Address Book) and make it its own application. Would it follow the UI type of Mail or the Address Book type? (I dare ask that question despite the likely flame war it will start about brushed aluminum appearances -- let's see if we can keep that out for the moment.) But how many everyday users would use this? Is this something only professionals would use, those who would just use Entourage and/or some other more robust solution anyway?

To me, the next big wave of OS X functionality is in communication (as opposed to the digital hub device connectivity): chat, voice, speech, video, etc. A suit of applications that integrate and allow free exchange of this kind of data among various platforms and among other Macs especially would be a very compelling technology for Apple IMO.


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    stroszekstroszek Posts: 801member
    I would definately use it. If I used OS X, that is. But until I do, and until this is fact instead of speculation, does anyone know of a good (preferably freeware) OS 9 calander app?
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    posterboyposterboy Posts: 147member
    I think it would be a good idea, but I probably wouldn't use it for the same reaosn that I don't use Address Book now, it doesn't sync with my handheld. If it would sync with my handspring, then I would probably use it, otherwise I will stick with palm desktop.

    And when is MS gonna give us Entourage X condiuts?

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