OS9+ which is better?

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I am currently running OS 9.0.4..it is VERY stable..an would rather stay here until I buy my next machine with OSX... but I just purchased PS7 and it requires min 9.1..I am not using OSX and can't since I have a few old apps that I need that will never be upgarded to run on OSX..I don't wish to have a bunch of different OS's on my machine since that will only create problems(as far as I am concerened)..what are my options above 9.0.4 and from everyones experience which is the most stable.



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    marcukmarcuk Posts: 4,442member
    I was running 9.04 with no problems until last friday, I decided to go to 9.21 (as it came with OsX.1) but there are reported Open GL problems with it, some of which Ive experienced. A solution to this is to take all the OpenGL extentions from 9.0.4 and put them in 9.21, but I also had to move all the ATI extentions from 9.0.4 into 9.21 aswell (If your on nvidia this may not be a problem), so far this has cured all the problems. I may DL the 9.22 update at some time soon. Otherwise 9.21 seems to be fine, but I guess as 9.22 has been out a while and not updated it must be pretty OK.

    If you want to stay in 9.04, you might get away with DLing Carbon 1.4, as this allowed me to run some apps that wouldn't support 9.04, but with this they ran fine.
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    kelibkelib Posts: 740member
    What type of Mac do you have? I'm running Os 9.1 on my 9500, just upgraded from 8.6 and so far it's been rock solid. I've been using it all day for about 10 or 11 days and it has crashed only once. I think I'm right that all pre G3 machines can't run Os 9.2. I'm using carbon lib 1.5, just upgraded and have no problems so far. However, I'm using an old version of PS.
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    climberclimber Posts: 130member
    I have a G4 500 SP carbon lib 1.3.1..if it ain't broke don't fix it ...but I feel I must upgrade so that I can use certain new apps.
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    I've always thought the best and most stable OS before X was 9.1 so you might wanna give 9.1 a try.
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    mingming Posts: 41member
    I definitely recommend 9.1. I upgraded my Performa 6360 and Powermac 6500 from 9.04 to 9.1 and there was a sizable performance increase, and just feels a bit better and more responsive. In fact with 9.1 I feel that my Macs perform better than they ever have with system 7 through 9.04. I think you should try it out. As for stability, it never really crashes or freezes. I've had problems with crappy usb cards and bad software (Realplayer 8) but after I removed the usb card it's like one forced restart per semester.
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    majormattmajormatt Posts: 1,077member
    Would you recommend a

    PM 6116 with 24 meg of ram and a 240MHz G3 Card run 9.1?
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