Yahoo Messenger with voice? Or Adium with voice?

in Mac Software edited January 2014

I tried my best to look for this info on the Yahoo website but could not find it.

Does anyone know if Yahoo Messenger for MacOSX supports voice-chat now? And if it does, would I be able to use AdiumX to do voice-chat with someone who has a Yahoo Messenger account?

I have a Windows PC on standby and the only thing I use it for is to chat with my friends and family on Yahoo Messenger. If Mac can support this then I can comfortably and finally retire my Windows PC.

BTW, I am still using Panther, not Tiger, so iChatAV is not an option Plus, everyone I know is on Yahoo Messenger. not a single one of them is on AOL instant messenger, so it is easier for me to use Yahoo than for me to try and convince close to a hundred people to switch to AOL.

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