Wierd Rosetta Problems?

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We have a new Imac Duo and a new MacBook Pro here, both have some peculiar things going on.

We run the latest office, and one has creative suite installed too (the imac)

We also run Extensis Suitcase Fusion, which I also think was cause for a lot of the wierd problems we were getting.

Anyways the most annoying thing is the cursor will bounce around when you don't want it too, esp things that the computer takes awhile to compute or even at times at random. It usually pops to the very top right pixel and then just stays there. The worse thing that happens is when this activity happens sometimes the said program will crash i.e. Office 2004, Photoshop/illustrator CS2 and what not.

anyways anyone else getting some wierd vibes?


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    Sounds to me that you're using an optical mouse on an uneven surface.
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    kraig911kraig911 Posts: 912member
    Nope its not a mouse issue :/ if it was a mouse issue the cursor wouldn't dissappear and the program crash.
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    Do the usual things -

    - try a known-good mouse

    - see if there is another mouse software installed and forgotten about

    - see what was recently added, if anything, before the problem

    Boot with extensions off (hold down Shift) to see if that pinpoints an extension glitch
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    kraig911kraig911 Posts: 912member
    tried all of the above already

    even completely reinstalled the mac. It has to be an issue when it calls on rosetta, because the curser will dissappear, it'll think for a bit then the program will crash. Its not a hard crash just a "This program quit unexpectingly" "would you like to send a crash report" error message.

    No one else is seeing this? I wonder if its a extensis suitcase problem.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,434moderator
    Fonts are an absolute nightmare. I hate them so much. They are the cause of so much headache. I really wish they weren't tied to the system so strongly.

    I don't even know why they cause so many problems - you'd have thought someone would have invented a way to make them play nicer.

    I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if Suitcase was the issue. Have you checked for corrupt fonts?

    If you post the first part of th crash log then that will give some indication. The helpful information is usually the code between the lines:

    Thread 0 crashed

    and Thread 1 crashed.

    You can see that code by clicking submit report.
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