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Ok I do Multimedia and processing video like after effects. Now of course the new Mac Book Pro is no competition for the quad G5 but will the the new Intel chips be the new tech. and put the quad G5 out of date within 2 years??? so should i buy the laptop for now and than buy the desktop with the intel later when it comes in about a year? The only thing im worried is the processing power for the laptop when rendering After Effetcs and so on..or should i just buy the quad now and wait for the kinks with the software compatibility with the new chips to work itself out first?????????


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    Personally I'd look at buying a PowerPC model for now.

    It looks like there won't be any new Adobe upgrades for a while, and running the software under Rosetta isn't suppost to that great at the moment.

    Besides, theres ages yet before the PowerPC models become 'unusable'.
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    fotnsfotns Posts: 301member
    Buying a PowerPC Mac now would be like buying a 68k Quadra back in 1994, a bad idea. My advice is to wait for the Intel Mac Pros; I'd say they'll be here by June or August.
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    mbg5mbg5 Posts: 36member
    i would stick with the PowerPC
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