Displaying Video as thumbnails in folder?

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I've switched to mac for about half a year now and i've just gotten used to about everything in the OS.

As you may guess, I was originally from windows (for quite some time too). One thing I miss is the video thumbnails in XP (altho it's abit laggy the first time).

Is there a way I can get finder to do the same thing? Or is does anyone know any apps that'll be able to do this?



EDIT: The reason being is that I find it alot easier to manage my cropped/edited videos with a thumbnail view of all of them. I don't like having to read through the filenames of each video \ ...


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    curiousuburbcuriousuburb Posts: 3,325member
    Old Jaguar pics, but the options are the same...

    Viewing in Finder Column mode (the "three bar" icon at the right of the button group in the Finder top left in this pic)... currently active in column mode.

    with the Column View Options box (while in Column view, go to the menu bar under View and select "View options") set to display previews will load the final column with a QT preview (which is playable)

    This isn't quite the same as the thumbnail view of a whole directory at once (the first icon on the left in the top pic), but you can preview individual files this way.

    There are probably some scripts and/or 3rd party apps that might reassign the generic thumbnail movie icons to actual image thumbnails, but I haven't tested them and can't speak to their ability to select individual frames.
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