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I am testing a beta version of a cocoa application. It appears to me that this app has a major memory leak, or uses memory improperly. Before opening the app, everything is fine and smooth. Upon opening the app, it is slow, and even worse my other already open apps are affected by becoming almost unresponsive. As soon as the beta app is closed or force quit, my other apps return to normal.

When I run TOP in terminal, the beta app shows tHe following:











Help me out developers. Do you see anything alarming?


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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    0% CPU obviously means the problem is somewhere else, as you say. Is there a lot of VM swapping? Type vm_stat to see the pageouts and pageins as the app is running.

    Did it launch another process that is hogging the CPU? Anything else in the output of top that explains the slowdown?

    The Dev Tools have utilities to find memory leaks, but the learning curve is a bit steep.
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