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hi there!

For our company, we need a Mac to develop games on. The iMac 20" seems like a pretty good deal, but perhaps we should wait for the new Intel one, and use an older mac in the meantime.

But, I think the PowerMac is overpriced a.t.m. For $1999 you get a computer without a monitor, with average performace (nothing mindblowing).

What would be your estimate for the PowerMac release, and do you think it will still start at $1999?



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    brendonbrendon Posts: 642member
    First post, expect sometime around June/July. Announced at the developer forum and then shipped in July. Don't know about price but if the Mini is any indicator you will be getting your moneys worth.
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    g_warreng_warren Posts: 713member
    The WWDC release seems more likely now that thinksecret are reporting that non-universal software will be pulled from Apple Stores around June/July. I doubt they would start that with a G5 still in the line-up.
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    onlookeronlooker Posts: 5,252member
    Just to clarify. You ARE able to develop, and compile games for intel based Mac's on G5's. Universal binaries are portable, and will also make your game compliant with both G5's, and intel Mac's. I'd save some money, and start developing on either a dual cored G5's (quad) or even a dual processor G5 with single cores. If your company is paying for it, I would start with a dual 2GHz G5, and see what's available when the intel ones come out. A dual processor 2GHz G5 will hold most of it's resale value. You won't loose, and you can learn the in's, and out's on an older machine, and upgrade when the new ones come out.

    My 2¢
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    mjteixmjteix Posts: 563member
    WWDC is now in August, Conroe and Woodcrest chips are expected for Q3 (july-sept). I think Apple will show them to the developers, august 7th.
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    gugygugy Posts: 794member
    WWDC in August.

    Prices will be the same.
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