AIM is now "open"

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So, does this mean that iChat will stop sucking? And edit profiles?

Will Adium finally be able to send files (and hence not be useless)?

What will happen to the official client?What will happen to the official client?

Will AOL cure cancer? Will Steve Jobs reveal he really is an alien?

What does it all mean?


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    im sorry to hear about your troubles with adium, must be something wrong on your end cuz i can send files just fine. in fact, direct connect even works now, though i havnt been able to receive pictures in it so thats the only thing that has yet to be fixed. everything is perfect for me as far as AIM goes. best messenger client available from what i know of so far but if you guys know of any better ones tell me.

    edit: ichat does suck imo too.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Now it sends files? Hmm I'll have to check it out again. Can it edit profiles? Talk to phones? Play games? Hah just kidding on that last one. But...what about video chat?
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    none of that really good stuff like video or audio seems to be there, but i can edit my aim profile just fine.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Pff at this rate I'd settle for iChat just being able to talk to its freakin self. It doesn't. iChat is a piece of shit as far as I'm concerned. I switched to Skype a few weeks ago and haven't looked back. I mean, it just works. iChat doesn't. End of story. I hope Apple gets around to fixing iChat sometime.
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    elixirelixir Posts: 782member
    someone tell me aabout adium.

    can you talk to people on msn/yahoo/etc through aim? or do you have to log onto multiple accounts through adium?

    how does it work? pluses and minuses?

    anyone, thanks.
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    Do a lot of people use iChat? I know nobody that does...

    In europe, most people use msn...
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Well drazz in America no one uses MSN. There may not be much iChat use but as far as protocols...MSN is a drop in the bucket. A tiny shitstain. As far as URI, my home town, and a few other places I've seen. It's like 1% or less. Even departments, the library, and other offices make official use of AIM here!

    Of course, this protocol fragmentation isn't good. I don't know the solution, but protocol fragmentation just isn't good for the end users.
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    drazztikkadrazztikka Posts: 240member
    Hehe, I should've thought about that...

    I use Adium now which is pretty good, it supports a lot of protocols:

    There's no video...but I don't see why I'd wanna see everybody's head on my screen, seems overkill to me.

    File transfer's do work, but very slow, skype handles that better.

    MSN for mac (from microsoft) is crap, i guess microsoft codes it deliberately wrong...
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