problem with menubar disappearances and pref crashing

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
So one day I reboot my powerbook and login and everything in the upper right corner is gone, clock, airport, bluetooth...if i open adium though it shows up in the corner..although alone

here's the weird part

if I go into system prefs and try to turn the clock on, if i switch to another part of that pane or a different pref pane, it deselects..not to mention even when i turn it on it doesn't show up..

also I noticed that when I try to go into the sound preference pane, it crashes every time.

I made a new user and it has the same menu bar problem and crashes in sound as well so I think that rules out profile corruption...any ideas?

p.s. going through pref pane, keyboard and mouse, and security also crash...10.4.5


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