no album artwork from iTms :(

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Hello everybody (Did a search but couldn't find anything on this).

I bought some songs (and a album) from iTunes Music Store (to add to the 400+ I already have bought), when they downloaded there was no album artwork! The Artwork Viewer Panel just says "Drag Album Artwork Here". The only difference form normal was I used the shopping cart instead of my normal one-click.

I am using the latest version of iTunes on X 10.4.5 and there was no problem with my connection during download.

I emailed apple about it and got a email pointing me to a knowledge base article on how to view album artwork.

Has anyone else experienced this?




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    I guess no one else has had this issue? Well my second email to Apple did the trick and they rest my order. I downloaded the music again this time the artwork was there.
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    download "Fetch Art." it'll download all the artwork for you.
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    hi SHAPIRO2 thanks for the reply. I have used fetch art to collect artwork for cds I have ripped myself. Apple was good enough to let me redownload the tracks (with artwork), the post was more about itms wierdness.
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