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in macOS edited January 2014
Hey folks,

I installed Tiger earlier and was checking out the new Widget feature there.

I've looked on the Widget section on Apple's website and there seems to be loads of them. I was googling for a good UK Terrestrial TV widget, but none seem to be turning up so far.

Firstly, does anyone know of a good UK Terrestiral TV Widget?

And secondly ... what are all your favourite widgets then??

The weather one is superb, really useful. That's the only one I'm using so far though.


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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    I'm partial in that I like my BARTsmart BART Widget, but I live in the Bay Area and ride BART daily.

    Otherwise I don't use too many 3rd part widgets aside from TiVo Tool (I think its called) which I run at home. I also use a Doppler widget to see when the rains are coming.
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    The BART widget looks good, I doubt Scotland does anything similar though.

    I managed to find a great UK TV widget after all by the way

    Tiger is fantastic, I was going to wait till Leopard until upgrading from Panther, but I'm glad I spent the money on Tiger, I doubt I'll use Automator much, but Spotlight, Mail 2 and the Widgets are superb. I'm gutted that iLife didn't come with it though, guess I'll have to get the new 06' version sometime.
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    imac davidimac david Posts: 286member
    so what was this UK TV widget?

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