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I have a 5th gen, 60Gb iPod and have happily been syncing songs, photos and videos from when I got it until a couple of weeks ago.

Now when I sync I get "an unknown error occurred (-50)" from iTunes. After some Googling I tried switching off the photo syncing and I no longer get the error.

The only thing that I can think that has changed is that I now have a few RAW images in iPhoto (having forgotten to switch my camera back to JPG on a weekend away).

Surely iTunes can handle RAW files? After all, it has to re-size every picture anyway? I tried rebuilding my iPhoto library using pretty much every option except those that would be destructive.

Is there anything else I missed?

I have a fully patched and up-to-date 1st Gen iMac G5 with Tiger and iLife '06.


--> Stephen


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    I don't think the RAW images are causing trouble, but there is a quick way to tell. Remove them from your iPhoto library and then try to sync it with your iPod.
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    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your response. I'm starting to think that it's not the RAW images either but something to do with my iPhoto library itself.

    I quit iPhoto, renamed my library and started iPhoto again. I created a new library. Now in iTunes I see two albums (the default "Last 2 rolls" and "Last 12 months"). This syncs with my iPod without error. If I bring my old library back I see no albums at all, even though there are actually about twenty plus a few Smart Albums.

    I have tried rebuilding my library (Command/Opt when starting iPhoto) but no difference. iPhoto works without issue.

    Still confused...

    --> Stephen
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    Ok, I have an idea, but it may take awhile. First export all the images from your current library into a folder somewhere. Now create a new library and import all the pictures back in. Create some new albums or smart albums and see what happens. If all your pictures successfully sync, then we know it's not the images and just your old library.

    If the images don't all sync, you might have a bad image somewhere and don't know it.
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    stephendstephend Posts: 29member
    Just for the record (in case anyone searches for a similar problem) I finally found time to investigate this... basically there was a issue with a caption. The images, both JPG and RAW, were absolutely fine.

    The caption gave no visible sign that anything was wrong, but I replaced it with "XXX" and then retyped the old text and it worked fine. I assume that there must have been some strange, non-visible character in the text but I have no idea how it got there, nor why it affected only iTunes (no problem with the rest of iLife).


    --> Stephen
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