How much battery life do you actually use?

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The big question of everyone concerning laptops is battery life and it is no different with me. But I want to discover exactly how much I really need rather than hypothesizing. As I am trying to decide whether the MbPros 3-4hrs will be sufficient for me in college.

I have a friend with an HP that squeaks out 2 hours with normal use and says its enough since most places have plugs available if he needs one.

So, how much battery life do you use lets say in a typical visit to the library?


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    It depends really, it's not so much about the duration of battery life, I may only be at the library for 2 hours, but I'd rather have the freedom to stay for 4 hours if I needed to.

    Usually I'll only need about 2 hours, whether I'm lying on my bed watching tv, sitting in the living room or taking notes in a lecture hall. 5/6 hours is great though, especially when your on a long flight and can kill time by playing a game for hours on end.
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    How long do you anticipate working in one outlet-less spot, away from home? You can almost always find a plug, even in coffeeshops, classrooms, libraries, etc. You learn to look carefully. I do find it's more convenient to be able to work without a plug (more seating options), but rarely will I want to do so for 3-4 hours. About the only time I'll actually drain my battery without recourse is while traveling. But I can squeeze four hours from my iBook, which is about as much as I'd want to use a laptop on a transcontinental flight. For me, as long I can get three hours (even if it means running on low-power settings) I'd be happy. For you, think about where and how long you'd be likely to use the laptop, and scope out where the outlets are in those places.
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