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Hey I have a iMac G5...I'm trying to transfer my video files from my desktop to laptop for editing. But whenever I try to open it on my tells me that the files are missing, and i need to reconnect them. My firewire port is acting up...and I need to send it to Apple but right now I can't

I wanted to know if anybody here can provide a remedy


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    sounds like you're not moving the source video files or moving video files that are not self-contained. what exactly are you trying to transfer?
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    I'm trying to transfer video clips for editing..
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    Originally posted by Muchisgiven

    I'm trying to transfer video clips for editing..

    You need to transfer both the project file and the online source video files. Unlike iMoive, FCP keeps the project file (which is basically an instruction set for all of your edits, tape cataloging, etc.) separate from the actual video (media) files. There is a very good reason for this: it allows you to do online/offline editing, media management, edit multiple projects using the same source video, etc. But it does mean you have multiple things to keep track of when you transfer projects.

    The project file should be self explanitory, it is the file that you have probably already transferred over.

    The media files are storred in a folder in Final Cut Pro Documents > Capture Scratch > "Project Name" (folder)

    Final Cut Pro Documents is located where ever you specify it in the FCP Preference pane, but I think by default it will be in your user documents folder.

    You need to transfer the entire folder full of media files from the Capture Scratch folder of the one computer to the other in the same location.

    This is why it is important to properly name your project files, so that you dont lose your media. Also, I would highly recommend that you label you tapes, and then enter that cataloge number or tape name in the "reel" box when you capture the media, it will help you stay organized and aid you in recapturing the media if something goes wrong, or if you eventually decide to take your project off line to save disk space.

    If for some reason after you take these steps, the clips in your project are still off-line in your project (red slash over the clip), then right click on the clip and then select "reconnect media", make sure "matched name only" is selected, and then browse to the location of the media and select the appropriate file. You can also have it do multiple files automatically.

    Anywho, I hope this helps.

    Here is a site that has some useful info
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    Thanks a lot it worked perfectly.
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