networking issue with new mac mini

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Strange issue here. I have a dual G4, Dual G5 and dell laptop running xp pro. THe macs are on teh "workgroup domain" the pc on "MSHOME".

FOr the last couple of years ive had no problems with having any of the 3 computers talking to one another. I decided to add to them wiht a new intel dual core mini.


1) The G4 and G5 can access the mini and its main folder but the dell cant.

2) THe mini can access all 3 existing computers.

I am not sure how come the dell now cant see the mac mini. If i go to add a network place, I can put in the ip and user name thats fine, when it ask me for the username and password it shows Username: Computer_name\\user

Password: ********

I am not sure what is going on here seeing how i have no problem accessing the other macs but now i simply cant acces the mini from the dell.

Running the latest update of tiger on all 3 macs.




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    If it's of any consolation, I've had sporadic success with intergrating my PB with the Windows network at work.
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    dage007dage007 Posts: 320member
    The only thing I can see is that I left the mac mini with the pre installed config that apple gave it. With the G4 and G5 I installed tiger from scratch as I always do and set it up accordingly. I wasent sure about doing it with the mini becuase it came with a mini config dvd, prob has a bunch of junk on it.

    Well the issue is not sparatic, I can connect everything over the network, I just cant access the mac mini from the pc thats it.
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    shai969shai969 Posts: 3member
    Does the new Mini have Windows Sharing enabled?
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    dage007dage007 Posts: 320member

    Originally posted by shai969

    Does the new Mini have Windows Sharing enabled?

    sure does

    I spoke with apple for over 2 hrs and resolved nothing. I had to take it in. We figure its something to do with the OS. It shows a version of 1.3 for the smb and not 1.2 like apple figured i had on the mini, go figure eh.

    After 2 days if they havent fixed it, then I will see if apple has a fix for it and if not hten it will have to go back.
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