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I've noticed a new trend happening among some people i know. They don't have an iPod, they own some other mp3 player, but they call it their "iPod!" It seems that any mp3 player can now be reffered to as an iPod. I don't know if this is good or bad, but I get mad when they say it.


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    Sounds like a little tech envy by the naive. The techheads who explicitly go by some Creative Labs monstrosity are doing so on purpose and most likely would refer to their player by name. Its only naive, misled, or cheap consumers who opted for another player without knowing the full advantages and differences that are calling it an iPod. Methinks these types think they're all iPods.

    However, like Kleenex, Band-Aids, and other products where the product brand becomes synonymous for the product, I don't see this hurting Apple. It can only strengthen the brand. If iPod iPod iPod sinks in and a noob goes to buy one, at the store they will be told which players are and which are not iPods at least. Although they may be misled on features and told emphatically why "Plays For Sure" is so awesome! One more reason that Apple needs to extend their presence everywhere.
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