MacBook Pro and World Adaptor

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Hey, I'm received a Macbook Pro soon and I'm going to europe soon as well. I was wondering if anyone knows if the world adaptor will work with the new macbook pro? The apples store doesnt say anything about the macbook but it might not be updated. Does anyone know if itll work? i dont want to break my new laptop. Also, if i just buy a regular adapter plug will it work with my laptop?



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    fishafisha Posts: 126member
    whilst i haven't seen the actual powerblock for the MBP,

    nearly all power supplies for laptops i've seen over the last number of years ( i used to be a product engineer for ThinkPad options in Europe ) are universal voltage units where they can accept and input voltage of roughly 100V all the way through to 240V at either frequency of 50 or 60Hz.

    The label on the power block should clearly state its acceptable input voltage ranges.

    If its as i decribed above, the plugging the unit into a general wall socket adapter that just changes the pin layout, then you should be fine.

    If you really want to protect it, perhaps you should look at a surge protector type adapter that also offers surge protection for data connections as well. Whilst the main european countries have decent quality electricity. If your right out in the sticks of the eastern european countries then i dont know what that may be like.

    Lastly just to add, i've been around a number of countries and used the basic adapters from the duty free shops ( costing only a few pounds ) without any bother atall on all my past ThinkPads.
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    blascockblascock Posts: 153member
    Perfet. Thanks for youre help!
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