Any torrent clients in Universal?

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So i just got my new core duo mini, and Azureus won't load on my machine.

So I have been forced to look for a new client

Any rec's on universal clients or whats going on with azureus in the new intel macs?

thanks for your help I appreciate all the knowledge this forum provides.


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    Hmm. I would think a torrent client would be simple enough to not cause Rosetta any problems.

    This is a bit scaring to me. Does this mean a lot of programs have problems?
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    Rosetta is Great!

    So far the only programs I found that didn't work are Virtual PC and Apple's Remote Desktop. I've loaded up demo copies of Poser, modo3d, maya, illuatrator, photoshop, dreamweaver, golive, office, etc, etc, etc, and all the apps work fine (speeds not bad either...better than the other G4 Macs that I have, so I'm a happy camper).

    Don't interpret random issues as a global problem. Apple's converted the iMac, MacMini, and Powerbook (now MacBook Pro) to the Intel architecture, so Rosetta problems would absolutely KILL them in the public and media.

    Relax, all is well. 8) 8)
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    Yup, rosetta is working like a charm for me too. Haven't experienced a single problem with it thusfar.
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    Azureus for Intel Macs:

    Works perfectly on my iMac.
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