iMac G5 ram

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Well i picked up one new iMac G5 isight for my studio the other day. after playing with it for a little while i decided to go ahead and order another 5. what i want to know is will Corsair Value Select 1024MB PC4200 DDR2 533MHz Memory work on it?

their is the link to the vendor.

I know this has nothing to do with macs but we just had our plasma tv installed today by best buy! 60 something inches of sexy tv. sadly enough they could not install the speakers because the pannel roof would not hold it for long so they had to build braces for it.

but yeah. just please let me know if that ram will work on the new G5 iSight


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    Here are some pics of the plasma, btw my studio is not a pro studio although some of the advanced students (juniors and seniors)do put together some darn good work. We finished a series of clips for the Police department which we got paid quite a bit for.

    Does anyone know of a high school that has a plasma tv in their tv production room?
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