Good Flash tutorial?

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Anyone know a good way to learn Flash? I'm looking for a short Flash tutorial on how to use Flash lol to make web pages. Frankly, I think a lot of the problem is the Macromedia interface. Adobe, on the other hand, has a GREAT interface. It's why I use GoLive over Dreamweaver. Anyways, I'm not here to complain =P

Most tutorials I've found are either too specific (here is how to make lightning! But I don't want lightning on my website...) or they are too LONG and spend 20 minutes on drawing a rectangle.

Let me be more specific: you know all the basic stuff you can do with DHTML and CSS? Layers, classes, frames, and everything that allows you to nicely position stuff on a web page? I want to learn to do that, except with Flash. Why? I just want a little bit more animation on my site. Nothing fancy, I'll worry about fancy stuff later.

But for the life of me, I can't figure ANYTHING out in Flash. I learned Photoshop just by playing around with it, but Flash...well...I can't find anything to play around with. Nothing works! It seems like making a simple web page couldn't be that hard, but Flash is so alien. Nothing makes sense. And I'm pretty good with computers...

Anyways, how did you learn Flash? Any good websites I should look at? Any good tutorials? Thanks!



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    the way i learned flash was to pick up a couple of the visual quick start books. gives you a great point of reference for learning flash or any other subject for that matter. Then move on to more advanced books like those by friends of ed.

    as far as sites go, there are plenty of in depth tutorials and discussions on both and also, don't over look macromedia's site. there is a wealth of info and tutes there if you look hard enough.
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