Any .Mac iDisk users?

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WTF? I've been using .mac for about 2 or 3 years now... and ever since the beginning, the iDisk feature has been slow as hell. If I mount the drive and double click on it, it takes about 20 seconds to even get the window up. Then when I upload material to it, it really lags and NEVER gives an accurate progress bar. If I upload a 50 meg file it will fill up the progress bar and then just sit there for about 20-30 minutes saying it is closing the file...

I've used my idisk account on various connections (DSL, Cable, and T1&3) and various computers and they all produce the same results.

And don't even get me started when I accidentally try and connect to the idisk through Command-Shift-I when I am not connected to the internet... It will just make the finder useless for about 1-2 minutes as it sits there trying to connect to nothing. And having Command-Shift-I shouldn't be the idisk command in my opinion anyways... that should be the keys for getting info on multiple files in one get info window...

Why doesn't Mac fix these issues??? It just hit me the other day how much of a pain in the ass the service is... I thought they would fix these issues, but they never did. Why not?

There are even more complaints I have about the .Mac service but I will leave it at that for now. If it wasn't for everyone knowing my email with I would have easily cancelled my subscription by now.

Anyone have similar experiences or know of ways to fix these issues?


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    I can confirm that iDisk is slow. I don't understand why. It must be the way Apple implements WebDAV.
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    The thing that really gets me is how it interferes with the actual OS. Usually when iDisk lags out I just restart the computer by holding the power buttor for 10 seconds. Because it is quicker to restart the machine than have it sit there trying to fix itself.

    This is ridiculous that Apple has allowed this to go on for so long. I might as well just get my own domain and use FTP programs instead, because FTP is faster and more effective than this is.

    I'm guessing apple could really give two sh%ts about .mac right now when the ipods are making up most of the revenue.
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    just joined on a trial basis. this sucks! it IS slower than heck. i'd rather use my USB flash drive to walk around with my info i need. definitely not buying in for $100/year! it took like 3 minutes to upload a 2.7MB pdf file. also, when i'm browsing my computer, it's as if you're calculating pi or something in the background now. browsing the idisk folders is EXTREMELY slow! doesn't matter what my connection speed is, it always does this. i hate it. it's only good for having a *** email address. i'd rather stick with the Google mail, which i can check using Apple Mail. thanks for the heads-up, Johnny.
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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    iDisk isn't blazing fast but I don't have any major problems. It is probably slower for lots of little files versus a few big files though.

    I'd like it improved, but only rarely do I get to the point that I'm pissed as all hell.

    Perhaps you should shut off your BitTorrent when iDisking.
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    It's terrible.

    I just had to delete a bunch of daily incremental backups to make room for more (I have the 2 GB size), and here is what it did:

    - Click "iDisk" in the Finder. It takes 20 seconds to show the items in the "Backup" folder. Note that it moves the files' icons over the network, slooooowly one by one....

    - Select the old backup files to delete. Hit the "delete" icon. After confirming, it puts up a dialog saying "Moving to Trash" (it's not really moving all those files over the Internet just to delete them, is it??)

    - Then the dialog it put up, in the "items to delete" field, alternates between the numbers 9 and 10 several times, then displays a NEGATIVE number ("-37") that increases. About FIVE MINUTES later, it is finished. Now this is ridiculous - to delete files, you just mark the space as available in the volume directory; you don't have to actually move any data.

    Compare this to deleting 55 files off my ftp server using Fetch - instantaneous.

    I dunno what's the problem with this iDisk, but they seem to ignore it in every system update. And I have a 768 upload, so that's not it.

    Another thing - you can't use the "Automatically sync" option because that makes all Open and Save dialogs take 20 seconds to appear.

    Other inexplicably slow things are Calculating Sizes (a 2 gHz computer can't add a list of numbers??) - the OS 9 Finder was just as bad at this. For Pete's sake can't it keep a cache of the sizes of things, and only update it when a folder is added to?
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