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I have installed Skype on my Mac and I have a question about my iMac G5 (OSX 10.3.9):

How do I configure the built-in microphone to use it with Skype?

I have tried using it and the people I was talking to through skype said that they can't hear me. When I tried this I had my headset speakers connected and no other microphone device or headset microphone device connected of course. I tried it without the headset and is still not working.

I think it is very cool if I could use the built in microphone and the headset (for privacy and comfort) or the iMac speakers to communicate using skype.



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    I have the same rig, and use it as you want to (built-in mic, and headphones).

    Go to Apple/Preferences/Sound and make sure input is set to microphone and not Line in. You shouldn't have to do anything in the Skype app.


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