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i'm curious on what the overall forums opinion on the cost of applications/software? i.e. adobe has released many versions of their applications which the latest CS2, cost consumers over a thousand dollars. i purchased a few software applications for my mac and depending on the timing, companies provide upgrades of the latest version. it seems like i've spent more $$$ on applications/software then the cost of my unit! i've heard that people have downloaded applications/software from TORRENTS, yet i haven't chosen that route... what is the general forum' opinion on TORRENTS?


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    banchobancho Posts: 1,517member
    If you're talking about acquiring versions of software which you haven't paid for then the general opinion of that is pretty low around here. Additionally, it's against posting rules to really delve into the subject too deeply.
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    daidaidaidai Posts: 38member
    as mentioned in my posting, i don't obtain applications via as 'freeware'. i've been paying for my mac software, which i wanted to to know what is the general forum opinion on upgrades. is it better just to stick with a version that you have purchased, or continue purchasing upgrades? is it worth keep up with the latest version, or just stick with an older version?
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    banchobancho Posts: 1,517member
    I didn't say you had. I gave you the general opinion on this board concerning your question about TORRENTS.

    I pay for all upgrades of software I need or that I really like. If the newer versions don't really have anything I need/want then I'll stick to the older version usually.
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    daidaidaidai Posts: 38member
    Thanks...that is what I figure was the reception. Similar to OFFICE X and OFFICE 2004. I bought OFFICE X and then OFFICE 2004 comes out. They sent me an upgrade notice, which I stuck with the X version. Yet...I'm not sure if there is much of a difference in the 2004 version.
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    banchobancho Posts: 1,517member
    Most of the new machines come with Office 2004 trial version. I'm not sure if you could get this separately to see if it's any better than what you're using.

    edit - link to Office test drive... http://www.microsoft.com/mac/default...d=office2004td
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    well, on the adobe apps i believe the upgrade price on the suite is usually the same for all previous versions of the suite (or individual application). so they're not really forcing anyone to buy into the upgrade if they don't feel that the single generation advances are worth it. personally, i upgrade in every generation because it's a write-off on my taxes and it usually pays itself off in a few days of work. but for individuals or hobbyists, i can't see the need to upgrade to each successive version of creative suite.
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