Anyone using Navigator 0.2.7 (Chimera)?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
WOW! Chimera has come a LONG way since I last downloaded it, which was only a few months ago. It does still have it's bugs but man it's fast as ever. I can't wait until this becomes a full fledged broswer. The searh features with the sidebar are really cool. It would be great if they had an AIM feature built-in but hey that's what iChat will be for. I've also checked out the latest releases of Mozilla and Netscape (basicly the same thing) and even though Netscape has way more features than Navigator 0.2, it's slower then hell!! And I'm not kidding. Right now, I'd say that IE is the best looking, feature filled browser that does just about anything I need it to do. Chimera looks like it is going to blow everything away though. I think that Apple should pay these developers to create a Apple browser based off of Chimera.


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