Apple pulling slow selling software from shelves

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Briefly: Apple pulling slow selling software from shelves; new hardware serial numbers coming soon

By Ryan Katz, Senior Editor

March 22, 2006 - Apple has started removing slow selling titles from the software shelves of select retail stores, Think Secret has learned. Sources report the freed up shelf space is being used for more profitable items, typically higher-margin and better selling iPod accessories.


Further, sources have learned that Apple is currently planning to pull all software from store shelves in July that isn't available in Universal Binary format. The policy is presumably designed to improve customer experience with new Intel-based Macs, as native Universal Binaries perform considerably better than PowerPC software running under Rosetta on Apple's newest systems.

Two companies, of course, will be spared the fate of having their non-Universal Binary software pulled: Microsoft and Adobe.

Apple readying new serial number format

Apple will roll out a new serial number scheme for hardware products in May, sources have disclosed. All Apple hardware components, from iMacs to iPods to iSights, will sport a new 18 digit numeric serial number. Current Apple hardware features 11 digit alphanumeric serial numbers. Sub-assembly parts, such as optical drives and logic boards, will move from the current 12 alphanumeric character serial number scheme to a 17 alphanumeric character one.

Apple says it is implementing the change to accommodate continued growth and scalability. Customers will be unaffected by the serial number change, although today's Apple serial number decoding tools will surely need to be updated.


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