a lot of switchers about?

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OK, this might go into Feedback, but I think it passes as a sort of anecdotal observation about people switching to the Mac.

To whit: as I wander the fora of AI, dispensing my own special brand of bonhomie and vigorous scolding, there appears to be a fairly recent but pronounced uptick in the number of new members who are explicitly talking about having "switched" (not all of them are entirely settled with their decision, but that's another matter).

So, um, welcome one and all, and: is it just me? Has Kasper started up some kind of halfway house/feeder organization to direct the newly Mac-ish our way?

Does the phenomena, assuming I'm not hallucinating, suggest anything about the rate of Mac adoption? Or just better recruitment here at our neck of the internets?

To those of you recent PC folk who found your way here, how or why? Word of mouth? Google? Mac owning friends?

Just curious. Did I say welcome?


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    I got into Macs thanks to my girlfriends brother in law last summer when me, my GF, and future mother in law visted him and my girlfriends sister and nieces (in Michigan btw) he showed me his Mac and I was really impressed, not to mention we went to an Apple store.

    But I really got intereseted in Macs around late October, early November and I was ready to buy the 14" iBook G4, but then I heard of the rumors of the transition to Intel and decided to wait, of course the iBook was not released then I decided to buy the MacBook Pro about this time I started visiting sites like macWorld and I found a link to AppleInsider (concerning the realese of the new ibook) I liked the sited and stayed...

    And I'm still waiting for the iBook (MacBook) to be released to be 100% switched :/

    But I've used Macs at CompUsa and at Costco and I love it!!!

    So heres to hoping I don't have to wait to much
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    I'm a convert. Right now I'm still using a 3 year old Windows computer that I built, but within the next few weeks I'll be ordering a 13" MacBook Pro, if they release one (please!), or a 15" MacBook Pro if they don't.

    When I was a kid, my friends had Macintoshes, but my dad being the engineer got me an IBM with DOS. Needless to say I never really liked it very much, and I was always jealous of them and their fun computers. Recently I've just gotten really fed up with Windows and it's lack of intelligent design. Besides, now seems like a great time to switch, with Apple's Intel switch going on.
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    I found AI via Google.

    I figured I'm encountering the same brain-shift problems that nearly every other switcher did and surely there where places where such things were discussed. I then googled things like mac forum and apple forum and switcher forum.

    Hope that helps you get a handle on the "marketing" question! 8)
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    Thanks for the welcome!

    I have been around AI for a year or so with a continuously growing desire to switch. I don't quite remember exactly how, but I guess I came to know AI through some googling or maybe an or another tech/computer site i visit often (news.com / osnews.com / NYT tech among others). Reading here frequently really was a great learning experience in my Mac knowledge as I know nobody owning a Mac (they are really scarce here in Holland). I read about the then upcoming intel switch and really got excited. I finished my studies late last year and started working, so soon after the intel iMacs were released I finally had the money to switch from my old and noisy self-built winxp box to a 20", 2.0 gHz core duo iMac (1 GB ram, 256 MB vram). I got it about a month ago now and haven't regretted switching one single moment since.

    I do think that eventually (once installation is user friendly and there are video drivers available) i will also install winXP or vista on my iMac for two reasons:

    1. to play the occasional game (university discount windows is way cheaper than a console)

    2. to be able to use some work-related software.
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    quentinquentin Posts: 13member
    I'm a switcher. I placed an order for my 20" imac today. I've been an ipod user for a year, and playing with macs for the past couple years has me convinced that it is the right computer/OS for me.

    I can't wait until it comes in!

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    ipeonipeon Posts: 1,122member
    Welcome aboard.
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    Yeah I'm a recent switcher, my 12" iBook arrived about a month ago so thats me, a completey full time mac user now

    I decided to switch about a year ago, when I got my iPod which showed me the whole Apple world, and from then on I new I was going to be a Mac User

    I've noticed a lot of people are more lieniant towards switching now.

    I was using my iBook in a lecture theatre at uni the other day and as well as another guy using a PowerBook (or MacBook Pro) at the back of the hall, whilst everyone was looking at my iBook going "Woah, I like the look of that", they were also saying "Yeah, I was thinking of getting an iBook or Powerbook, Windows laptop's seem far to bulky"

    It looks like people aren't so scared of OS X as they used to be, and are definetly embracing the Apple way of doing/buying things
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    Yep, another switcher

    I'd wanted Mac for a while, I was just so frustrated with Windows..you know what I'm talking about, I don't have to explain so when my XP laptop really became unusable last year, and I didn't want to trust my dissertation on it - I'm in my final year at university - I made the jump. I got an eMac over the summer, and I've loved everything "just working" since.

    I can't remember how I found AI - it must have been googling for something, maybe to find out how to uninstall apps, as Apple makes it so hard and I found a few rumours sites. This one just seemed friendly and helpful, so I've been a regular browser since
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    mrsinmrsin Posts: 163member
    This may be a bit 'different,' so I thought I would share. The wife said I could get a laptop / notebook computer. So, I needed to decide which laptop to get. I decided I'd like to try a different platform as my desktop is a Windows XP Pro PC. I was considering Linux, but during my search, I thought I'd look to see what Apple had to offer - when I discovered OSX was built on Unix - that did it - then it was a matter of deciding which laptop / notebook to get? I finally settled on the iBook G4 14" running OSX "Tiger" 10.4.2, which is now up to 10.4.5 . I've been a "Mac Addict" ever since - whodathought ?! The only down side to having my iBook, which I've named "Genie," is that I'm on it every spare minute I can find, which does not please the wife in the least

    I'm so looking forward to my 'next' Mac - the MacBook Pro 8). I too don't recall exactly how I found AI, but I am glad I did !
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member

    Originally posted by MrSin

    The only down side to having my iBook, which I've named "Genie," is that I'm on it every spare minute I can find, which does not please the wife in the least

    A common affliction. The cure? Buy her her own laptop. That's what we did, and now? No problems.
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    mrsinmrsin Posts: 163member

    Originally posted by Kickaha

    A common affliction. The cure? Buy her her own laptop. That's what we did, and now? No problems.

    Thanks for the suggestion, I thought it was a good one 8). So I offered to get myself a MacBook Pro and give her my iBook - no go . She says we're saving for a down payment on a new car, among other things 'she' says are more important - as if \? The 'good' news though, is my "Genie" is paid for !
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    icfireballicfireball Posts: 2,594member
    What if there was a "Switchers" forum
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member
    You young'uns got it easy. Pre-OS X days using a mac was enough to get you mocked and pointed at on the streets.

    Really, no lie, whenever I see someone start to go on about how Mac users are "defensive" or "clanish" or "thin-skinned", I just remember the days when perfect strangers felt perfectly entitled to tell that me that my Mac was a "toy" that "had no software" and "couldn't run anything important", not to mention the ever popular "isn't Apple going out of business?"

    And this was always accompanied by an oddly aggressive, in your face vibe, as if my choice of a Mac was an attack on someone else's idea about how the world should work.

    I remember one bizarre conversation were this guy started in about how he could do anything he needed to to do, sound mixing wise, on a PC. This was apropos of exactly nothing, he just started in out of nowhere when he spied a Mac on my desk. I was like "That's nice" but he kept hammering away, as if he were arguing with someone who was insisting that only Macs could do sound work.

    Small wonder we champion our platform and get called "fan bois"; for most of the platforms history we did so in the teeth of utter contempt.
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    I haven't switched yet...but I definately will! I am just waiting for the 17 inch MacBook Pros to come out...I have been researching apple for awhile now and have decided to make the move to Apple. Mac OS X is great compared to windows...please Apple...Please...release the 17 inch soon
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    quentinquentin Posts: 13member
    My imac is here!

    She's beautiful. <tear>


    I really do love my imac. The OS is amazing and it is very fast with ilife so well integrated into the system. I'm very happy with my purchase so far.

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    mrsinmrsin Posts: 163member

    Originally posted by Quentin

    My imac is here!

    She's beautiful. <tear>


    I really do love my imac. The OS is amazing and it is very fast with ilife so well integrated into the system. I'm very happy with my purchase so far.


    CONGRATULATIONS Quentin ! I'm 'green' with envy . I'm still more than satisfied with "Genie," my iBook, but still have hopes of someday being able to purchase a MacBook Pro ! I would say enjoy, but that's a given 8).
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