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I was just wondering whether there was anyone out there who knows about Logic Pro, and music production. I would like to buy a MBP, but I do not know the adequate amount of Ram I need to get it running, should I get the stock base-line level of ram, and then buy some other cheaper stuff? I really don know!! Also is there a way of getting my school's coy to run on my laptop, under the same version $999 is a bit steep for me! I would rather pay extra money for a system the WORKS the whole time, and works really well. I hope that someone can help!

Many Thanks.


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    You?re seeking a rather tall order based on your budget although you may want to consider a new iBook (as we knew them) once it?s released. They may well become available as early as April so I recommend you hold off a least a couple weeks and see what Apple WILL release. With regards to memory; I recommend buying third party RAM from a good company such as Crucial®. Apple charges a boat load for memory upgrades and it?s really over priced. Still, some Mac owners that purchase Apple Care along with their new Mac want to avoid hassles if they have to send in their machine for service after purchase.


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    no, sorry, its the logic pro software that costs $999, I am willing to pay as much as it takes to run Logic Pro properly, without glitch......sorry for not being clearer.....
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    the adequate amount of memory for logic ist "as much as you can afford" ... especially if you're working with multiple audio-tracks (opposed to AU-instruments, which are not *that* memory-hungry, unless you're working with sampling libraries).

    a macbook pro should be a proper machine for working with logic btw.,

    i have used a 1.33ghz G4 powerbook for a long time, until i got a new quad a couple of months ago, and i got along pretty well actually (not without track-freezing, but nevertheless).
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    Alrighty then! Since money isn?t a stumbling block, plus you're a student then I strongly recommend the MacBook Pro with 2GB Ram and the 100HD @ 7200 rpm plus AppleCare! You will appreciate the mobility and power and it will last you at least 3 years. Also, there will likely be an upgrade to an 8x optical drive later this summer.

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    oh, and sorry, but is processor speed a great factor...obviously I would still like to best system for the minimal money....I will have to work for however much I need to spend so.......!
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    Can't believe I am the first to mention this.

    the educational pricing on Logic Pro 7 is $499... that should help a bit.

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    Originally posted by CBA


    Apple's hardware insurance. it's worth buying especially for a portable computer. you get one free year when you buy the machine, but buying the Applecare adds two or three years, i can't remember exactly, to the insurance. you don't have to decide when you make the purchase, you have up to one year after the purchase date to decide if you want to extend your insurance.

    there is also Logic Express which will save you money, and you can upgrade to Pro later on.

    processor speed... the more the better. but you should be able to do quite a bit with 1.83GHz x2, the slowest configuration. anyway, more CPU = more effects/audio instruments, but the difference between 1.83 and 2.0 doesn't seem like much. 1.83 to 2.1 seems like a bit more of a difference though. if you're new to audio production, i'd say 1.83GHz would be fine.

    i would have a minimum of 1GB of RAM in that machine, and if i could afford it, i'd get 2GB from somewhere like Crucial.

    happy purchasing,

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