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My Excel application just crashes every time I try to open a excel file. The application seems to work fine except when I try to open a spreadsheet.

What can I do in order to avoid reinstalation?

Also if I try to use the excel from a different user on my Mac (I am the only user but I created another one to see if it the excel works with this one) everything works perfectly.

Could there be an error in the user libraries?

I have iMac G5 OSX 10.3.9 and Office 2004



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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Delete your Excel user preferences: ~/Library/Preferences/com.microsoft.excel.plist (Assuming they followed the correct convention for naming the file...)
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    davegeedavegee Posts: 2,765member

    Originally posted by Kickaha

    Delete your Excel user preferences: ~/Library/Preferences/com.microsoft.excel.plist (Assuming they followed the correct convention for naming the file...)

    Might need to delete another pref file...

    Located somewhere in:


    I think it's something like Registration Database ...

    Now this is more of a pain but is more likely to work (if simply deleting the above files doesn't).


    1 - Backup your ~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft folder to your desktop

    2 - Make sure ~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft is now gone/empty.

    3 - Run Excel (it 'should' work)

    4 - Quit Excel

    Now it's diagnosis time...

    1 - Start looking at what files have been created in:


    2 - Start adding back the other files from your backup of that folder

    3 - Run Excel from time to time to make sure it didn't break again

    Finally a faster way (so long as you **DON'T** use Entourage)

    Again, the only thing you really need to be careful about doing the suggestion outlined below is if you use Entourage for your email since I'm note sure where those settings and mail files are located (I don't use Entourage).

    So that being said, if you don't use Entourage then you might just wanna delete everything in:


    And be done with it...

    Note: All Word and PowerPoint preferences are going to be back to 'default' and again if you use ENTOURAGE you'll likely be NUKE all of your email if you do the 'just delete everything' option...

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    artanisartanis Posts: 156member
    Wow, I am glad to be a member of this forum.

    Thanks guys.
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