Question about what would be on an iGame

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If Apple were to make a portable gaming device...

1) what would the controls on the right side be (don't say clickwheel controls)

2) should it have some sort of built in iSight


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    Originally posted by mo4143

    If Apple were to make a portable gaming device...

    Uh, so not gonna happen...

    Nintendo & Sony have the portable gaming market on total lockdown...

    Others try, and fade away...

    So yeah, forget about it...
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    Hey he did say IF. As in purely speculation without any real thoughts of it for entertainment?
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    Welcome to AI mo4143....

    There are already a "few hundred" iGame threads in here and none of them are really useful in any sense of the word.

    Pippin came. Pippin died.... and the general vibe around AI is Apple won't try ever again.

    Im locking this up.

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