Office v.X: Exporting a "Landscape-oriented" document as PDF

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I have a problem exporting as PDF from Office v.X when the document is in ?Landscape? orientation.

I choose ?Print...? from the ?File? menu, I click the ?Preview? button, and what I get is a PDF file in ?Portrait? orientation. Damned!

I think Office - when exporting in PDF format - it does not remember the Page Setup & Print configurations: in fact, if I choose for example to have 2 pages per sheet in the Print->Layout dialog, the PDF exported is always the same damned ?1 page per sheet ? in Portrait orientation? document.

Any suggestions?


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    stimulistimuli Posts: 564member
    So 'Page Setup' in the file menu does not work?
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    zenozeno Posts: 28member

    You can try it.
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    I think the problem may actually be with Apple's "Preview" app, rather than with Word. The same thing happened to me when I tried to preview a landscape-oriented document I had created in Photoshop.

    Note that (for me, at least) "Preview" wasn't cropping the landscape-format content to fit a portrait-sized window. What it WAS doing was rotating the content of the page 90-degrees to fit a portrait view. It strikes me that this exactly what my printer does when I send it a landscape format document, so perhaps this is a case of aggressive over-accuracy on the part of the "Preview" app?
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    sumpuransumpuran Posts: 4member
    This is a feature, not a bug, imho. :cool:

    When I 'preview' a landscape-oriented spreadsheet to PDF in AppleWorks X to, it rotates it 90 degrees, so it makes it easier to print from the desktop - that way I don't have to adjust the page setup settings in Preview or Acrobat.

    If you want to have the preview PDF show up correctly on your screen, you can always edit it in Acrobat or any of the main Adobe programs, but remember, the 'preview' feature does exactly that, it shows you how it's going to print your file. It's not a full-scale PDF authoring tool like Acrobat is.
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