new video rig specs needed now, help

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I have finaly convinced the boss into getting a replacment for the current and very delapidated video editing workstation, We both think that Mac and Finalcut Pro are the way to go, but we have a really tight budget, So the choice seems to hinge on formfactor.

We want a tower, so we can use it with our dual 20 inch CRTs, and so we can add more than 2 GB of ram and an additional internal hard disk in the future. BUT we also want Intel, to be a little more future proof.

We do Mini DV editing, publish to DVD-Rs and print to VHS tape (via a canopis IO) and I have 2 questions:

Once UB FCS ships, will the 20 inch intel iMac (2gb ram, 256 video ram) be up to it?

I would like to wait till the intel towers ship, but we have to strike while the iorn is hot, so over all, intel iMac or low end G5 tower?


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    ipodandimacipodandimac Posts: 3,273member
    I think either the intel iMac or low end G5 will be fine for your needs. DV footage is particularly taxing, even doing multi-cam in FCP. If you're concerned about future-proofing everything, I would go with the tower. PCI-express allows for tons of breakout boxes for use in live production. You would need that kind of stuff if you ever move up from DV.
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