Irish government's 'Fis' film program plans to put Apple Macs in all primary schools!

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Firstly primary education in Ireland is from ages 4 all the way up to 12/13.

The follow words I found on the apple's Irish website:

'Fis' is a Gaelic word meaning "vision". In English, it neatly works as an acronym meaning "Film in Schools" - a simple name to describe a project with an ambitious aim. Firstly piloted by the Irish Department of Education and Science in 1999, FIS was introduced to support Ireland's new primary school curriculum.

A pitol scheme was so successful in 31 Dublin and Cork schools that six years later, well over 100 primary schools are using film to enrich their studies. FIS plans to support the use of film in all of Ireland's 3,500 primary schools by the end of 2006.

Apple technology is at the cencre of this unique education project. "The three watch words for FIS are simplicity, connectivity and creativity", says Creative Director Ciaran McCormack. "Apple gets ticks in all three boxes. The hardware and software are so intuitive that teachers and childern can just get on with what their project is all about - making and using films to learn".

"iLife is ideal for introducing film into classroom because it's plug in and play, and the interface is very user friendly. Just looking at it makes children want to use it. iMovie and GarageBand in particular offer massive creativity.

Ciaran mcCormack, Creator Director, FIS

After growing up in Ireland to me this seems like a huge thing, it's brilliant, and a great opportunity for all Irish kids. I'm mad jealous! It also very good for apple which is great too! I hope now we can start to see some apple stores here, not one yet, let's hope that changes soon! But still this project is very cool! On the education front, apple can now say: "Well that's Ireland covered"!
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