Another Archive and Install Question. Pretty Basic.

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I would like to install Tiger on my PB which is now running 10.3.9. My important files are backed up, but I would like to conserve my directory structure and files as is (and not lose the extraneous files I didn't back up).

If I understand Archive and Install correctly, if I select Preserve User and Network Settings, then after the install I will have my previous directory structure intact and also I will have all of the files and directories listed on the apple support doc under "Files and folders that are preserved" another time in the Previous System folder.

Is this right? Do I need at least half my HD free because everything will be copied twice? Or will I have a new, empty Users and Applications directory that I can replace with the old one which is in "Previous System Folder"?

I thought that the User directory would be preserved, and only the System files copied into the Previous System Folder, but then I read:


When you perform an Archive and Install installation, the following items are moved to /Previous Systems/Previous System 1:

* /Developer

* /Users

* /Library

# /Applications/Address

# /Applications/AppleScript

# /Applications/


I assume that since it says "moved" and not "copied" that I will have a blank Users directory, but I'm just not sure.

Thanks for the help. I hope my explanation wasn't too confusing.



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    chris vchris v Posts: 460member
    Your applications folder will remain intact, and will not be moved. Apple's apps, Mail, Address Book, iTunes, etc. will be updated within your current Applications folder. Your Users folder will be similarly unmolested. All your prefs, desktop, dock settings, etc. will be the same. The directories moved to the Previous Systems folder will be just /Library, /System and a couple invisible folders that won't impact your apps or user accounts.

    There may be a thing or two you have to recover from /Library in order to make apps work correctly, like whatever might be in /Library/Application Support, so make sure you've got everything out of it before you trash the whole Previous Systems folder.

    A Tiger install will probably look for something around 5 gig free, but it won't use all that.
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    bergzbergz Posts: 1,045member
    Thanks for the confirmation. That's what I expected would happen, but when I read that support doc I figgered I should make sure. I will report it to Apple Support.

    Again, thanks.

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