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Just a thought, but wouldnt a game programmed in Objective C for Cocoa run a hell of a lot better than a ported C++ game ? Correct me if im wrong, but i seem to remember reading infomation about the higher speed being accomplished when using the native Cocoa programming environment.

Does anyone have more info on this one ? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">


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    digixdigix Posts: 109member
    You should ask Omni Group, they know this sort of thing, after all, they once programmed a few games in Cocoa.
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    x704x704 Posts: 276member
    One would assume that if one programmed a game for a specific platform it'd (as a general rule) always be faster then a port (which was not coded with another platfom exclusively in mind).

    To my understanding OMNI has "programmed" (in the sense of making one from scratch) any mac games, rather they've ported PC ones.

    Additionally the consensious with people who know seems to be that a well coded Carbon App will preform just as well as a well coded Cocca app. Of course that doesn't mean that it's not quicker to port to Cocca or write one from the ground up, just that the end result will be the same (assuming enough resources are put into the carbon version), except of course the carbon app can also work in OS 9 (generally speaking anyway).
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