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OK, I have been lurking on these forums for a about a month, so now that I can really get a Mac, I figured I'd post. Here's the story. My first computer experience was actually with a Mac, must have been 1992. My buddy(whos parents owned a printshop and used Macs exclusively, anyone remember a program called Ready, Set, Go? They named there shop Laser, Set Go, after the App.) got me into computers on a Mac LC. We played SimCity 2000, Myst, and Master of Orion 2 till we dropped(also realms mud and others).

He eventually got a Quadra and then a second hand PowerPC from Daddy and we got into 3D rendering via StrataVision 3D. Fast Forward a few years, I havn't used a Mac in ages. I have gotten used to the constant headache that is Windows, am currently running a dual boot XP/Ubuntu machine. I have been working the same job for A WHILE. My dear Mother just came into some money and offered to buy me a computer if I go back to school(at age 25, it's been a while). So, my question is, what Mac to buy? I will mainly be using this computer (besides for homework) for audio recording purposes(Line 6 Toneport UX1 [I know, Sep. 2006 for UB drivers] with Audacity), but also for 3D rendering(Blender), photo editing(Gimp) and gaming(SimCity 4 and Sims 2, nothing intense). I REALLY want a 2.16 ghz MBP, especially since the whine issue seems to be resolving itself. My question is, when do you think we might see a whole new rollout? I mean, the only reason for me going MBP as opposed to IMac is that the 2.16 is the fastest Mac on the market. I want to get in at the top level. If I bought a 2.16 ghz MBP and a week or two later a faster new IMac dual core came out I would be MAD! So, I guess I'm looking for advice about whether to buy a 2.16 MBP or wait?


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    if you can wait, wait, but if you need it now, you need it now. it really that old argument again
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    I know, I know. I don't need it now, I want it now. I just want to know how pissed off i'm gonna be in a few months if I buy now. Okay I do need it now. And I could REALLY us a notebook. But DANG!! What's around the corner! It's maddeneing!
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    Okay, my advice: stop thinking about specs and start thinking about how you will actually use your computer. Both MBP and iMac are dual core computers with more than plenty horsepower.

    If you are not going to move it often; get the iMac: bigger screen and much better ergonomics.

    Decide and buy it and start enjoying the Mac experience. It is not about the hardware. It is about the software.
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    I don't see major bumps to either the iMac or 15" MacBook Pro for at least a few months, so if you're eyeing the 2.16 MacBook pro I say go for it.

    Now, if you're going all out, have you considered the 7200 HD? And what amount of RAM are you planning to buy, and from a 3rd party if you want the best deal.

    Also, if you're going to be a student again, you may want to look in to the Student Apple Developer program. You'll get a significant one-time discount for a negligible fee and will likely get a free copy of Leopard later in the year. What will you be studying?
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    Okay, so I'm set, I'm getting a MBP 2.16 GHZ, 2 GB Ram(I wasn't planning on going aftermarket for memory, can anyone recommend a good source? I've always used TigerDirect), 100GB 7200RPM HD. Oh, and I'm actually going to flight school Xool, believe it or not. It's been my lifelong dream to fly. And, as a bonus, the National Guard is paying for it!
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    Okay, I need a little help. Will I notice the difference in these?

    2 of These



    Is the added cost of the 2nd one worth it??
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    Hey. I recently ordered an all-maxed MBP (2.16GHZ, 2GB RAM, 7200rpm HD). It should be here by the middle of next week--if you're willing to wait (or if you still haven't decided), I'd be up to posting my experiences with it.

    Obviously, the few glitches are pretty isolated, and I might have a problem you'll never run into (or vice versa), so I don't know how much good it'll do. Grats on going to school again--sounds like you have a cool mom

    EDIT: Oh, and I think your links are showing me the same item, unless it's really early and I'm not thinking straight. I'm not too knowledgable on the subject of after-market RAM, but I hear Crucial is great.

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    shapiro2shapiro2 Posts: 37member

    Originally posted by bicmedic

    Okay, I need a little help. Will I notice the difference in these?

    2 of These



    Is the added cost of the 2nd one worth it??

    Dude, you're about to go to flight school. It would be good if you could tell the difference between laptop RAM and desktop RAM! How will you tell the difference between a runway & a freeway!?! Don't fly like Delta pilots - How about NOT going cheap & go quality w/ Crucial RAM. Their site will help you get the proper RAM, too.

    Good luck in flight school. I have 2 aviation degrees from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale w/ my ATP certificate. I just switched over to Mac & had the same "upgrade around the corner" eating the bit. So, I opted for a refurbished 15" 1.67GHz PowerBook w/ Superdrive(November 2005 build) from Apple's online store. I love it & it has plenty of juice for my daily stuff, since I added 2GB RAM. I'll get a MacBook Pro this summer when they switch to the ?Merom? (i think) processor, which will have a buttload of horsepower.
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    I'd recommend the iMac (20" 2 GHz, especially since it's free).

    Unless you ABSOLUTELY need a laptop.

    Though I agree the MBP's noise issue is getting resolved (I think they just needed time to "settle in..." my MBP hasn't buzzed in a while), the MBP's get VERY hot. I have a stock 1.83 MBP, and it's difficult to use on my lap for a while. I can't use it at all if I'm using it on bare skin. I'm not sure if it's even safe to use something that hot on a lap, being a guy and all.

    Just trust me when I say that you absolutely won't be able to use it on your lap through a full class.

    The iMac is basically the perfect computer - perfect form factor, and no problems in this generation but the misaligned screen issue, which only seems to be a few out of the thousands Apple's shipped.

    You could also wait for the Intel PowerMac (Mac Pro or whatever) and get that.
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    I'd buy a MacBook Pro tomorrow if i could, but thats probably because I can't buy one tomorrow . But on a more serious note, if you need a new computer, then get it. Otherwise, wait 'till it hurts.
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