iPod refuses to be reformatted.

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I had this problem with my last iPod (last unit). The hard drive was malfunctioning, so it refused to connect to iTunes. When it did, it said I needed to reformat it. However, I reformatted it and it kept on asking me to reformat. I just got a replacement. I turned it on, it looked like it already had been formatted (regular iPod screen), so I plug it in, and it asks to be formatted.

I uninstalled iPod for Windows, iPod Updater, and iTunes. Reinstalled everything, SKIPPED the format your iPod step, but now it just asks me to reformat. When I do so, iPod Updater > Restore, it says "can't Lock iPod. Check to see any other applications are not using iPod and try again" (something to the effect of that).

I don't really want to go back to the Apple Store again because the line is horrendous, and I had to go three times for a stupid pickup because I was an idiot and forgot this or that thing.

?eace, thanks for help.
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