iMovie HD is unreliable junk.

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So i record 66 (yes, that's a Steve Jobs number, he loves numbers like that) movie clips using my iSight cam in iMovie...and the stupid thing locks up (beachball heaven). First use of iMovie, btw since I got this intel iMac. Right now activity monitor just shows iMovie HD Not Responding. I have 2gb ram wih 1gb free so its purely this POS.

How much you wanna bet it doesn't have incremental save? Yeah, I saved about half but haven't done much in the last dozen 20 second clips for saving, so those will be lost.

So much for reliable software. Put that app in the junk pile cause its crap.

[end rant]


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    sandausandau Posts: 1,230member
    oh most beautiful....

    closed up, rebooted....opened project, which opened fine...but have one clip and only the clips I deleted that are in the trash.

    niiiice. so much for incrementally saving files. what's the point?
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    appelappel Posts: 69member
    I'm new here, so don't flame me for this, but I'm sure you know how to use the edit button.
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    it was worse on my ibook. whever i tried to edit past 8 minutes with two audio tracks, iMovie would crash. I don't know if this will help, but try running you file off an external FireWire drive. Create seperate folders for audio, trash, etc and it should help a bit. And if you already did this, then i sympathize with you, although my 2gigs of ram in my 20" macintel seems to perform fluently..
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    I've had no problems with iMovie HD on everything from an 800MHz iBook G4 to a DC 2.3GHz PowerMac G5 to a Core Duo 2.0GHz iMac...perhaps your install is messed up? Try repairing permissions, then reinstall iMovie if that doesn't work. If a reinstall doesn't fix your problems, learn to hit Command-S after every clip.
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