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Now that iTunes offers a litany of TV shows, short films, podcasts, music videos, and is even moving into the world of feature films, does the name iTunes really still apply?

I direct this question particularly at the iTunes Music Store. We're not just dealing with 'tunes' anymore, Apple.

So, should iTunes suffer a name change (I was thinking something like iMedia), or should Apple keep things as they are?

Personally, I think the name needs to be changed (especially considering I wouldn't want multiple applications for the different media types), but I'm sure you purists have something to say in reaction. What do you all think?


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    trobertstroberts Posts: 702member
    I think iTunes can still hold that name because "tune" doesn't always refer to a musical note. It could mean "tuning" into whatever you are concentrating on at the moment. I have no problem with the online store turning into "iTunes Media Store" or staying "iTunes Music Store".

    Some things I would really like to see are:

    1 - ability to separate the content and store it where we want it, and have content purchased from iTMS get downloaded to those locations.

    2 - a new ID3 tag changer so we can see all the tags iTunes support so we can get our video content to show correctly (i.e. TV Shows under "TV Shows")

    3 - a new video subcatagory called "Concerts" since little Timmy's piano recital is neither a movie nor a music video.

    4 - support for/able to switch between multiple libraries. Something as simple as what iPhoto does is good enough for me.

    5 - Have a "Copy files to iTunes Music Folder when adding to library" checkbox in the "Add to Library" dialog window. Checking/unchecking this option will not affect the setting in the preference pane, but will allow us to override the current setting.
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