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So, I was in the console tonight checking up on an error on an unrelated matter and ran across the following:

NOTE: ignoring this component:

Discovered 278 component = 0x6312cf type = imdc subt = msvc manu = MSFt flags = 0x828

NOTE: ignoring this component:

Discovered 278 component = 0x6312ff type = imdc subt = WRAW manu = MSFt flags = 0x838

NOTE: ignoring this component:

Discovered 278 component = 0x63132f type = imco subt = WRLE manu = MSFt flags = 0x408

NOTE: ignoring this component:

Discovered 278 component = 0x63135f type = imdc subt = WRLE manu = MSFt flags = 0x408

Mar 31 00:11:07 ~username~ 185860096: cupsd's bootstrap server port not found

eXo Registering

Cabn someone please deciper this for me? I've never heard of a bootstrap server. I have no clue what it means to be ignoring this component. I haven't noticed any adverse effects on my system ... the previous error I had was spotlight not searching, but I did a sudo mdutil -E / from the terminal and it re-indexed and works fine ... please help I'm always interested in the little underworkings of Mac OS X...


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    It looks like you have RLE and RAW Quicktime components installed possibly Microsoft versions? I think manu = MSFt means the codecs were manufactured by Microsoft.

    Check out your /library/quicktime folder and /users/<name>/library/quicktime folders for those codecs. If they are ignored, it just means the program accessing them won't decode those formats. They are digital camera formats.


    CUPs is the unix software that deals with printing and stuff. It may be a font issue you have. I found this article here - http://www.gamug.org/imoviesig/stutters.html :

    I also followed the instructions for the Console and Googled some of the error messages I got. One error message was "cupsd's bootstrap server port not found," which led to this posting:

    "CUPS is the underlying system that manages printing and Fonts. Many Startup, KP's and other mysterious problems are caused by Font duplication. These are CUPS problems, Tiger 10.4.1 update made it worse. Many Fonts are required for the OS to work properly, you can't just disable Fonts willy-nilly. Here is what to do to find out if you have this problem, and how to fix it.

    "Go to: HD/Apps/Fontbook Open Fontbook Application, select 'All Fonts' in the left window. In the middle window is a list of Fonts. Scroll down this list and if you see a black dot to the right of a Font type, if so, you have a duplicate.

    "To delete all duplicates in that Font Folder: Select/highlight any Font Folder you want, now move your cursor and select 'Edit' in the Title Bar and 'Select All'. Remain in 'Edit and scroll down to "Resolve Duplicates' and click. Voila! All duplicates are turned off."

    exo is maybe an itunes visualizer plugin?:

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    Ah, thanks for the info ... it's always interesting to learn the underpinnings of the OS!
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