microssoft office slow

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why my old laptop 1.6 ghz 512 sdram intel centrino is more faster than my new powermac G5 dual core 2ghz 1 gig ddr2 ram in every microsoft office application??

, especially word and powerpoint...and sometimes, it wont responding, and crashed... is it beacause my osx is still 10.4.2?


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    hitbyhitby Posts: 38member
    it's actually more likely to be that MS Office is a badly coded POS. It runs slow on all the macs I've ever had including a Quad G5, a dual 1.8G5, dual 2 gig g5, and for my sins I even had to use it on an original g4. It's also slow on my new iMac but that is running through rosetta with 512mb ram

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    yeah, on my 1.5ghz amd athalon pc., word runs much faster. and on my 20" macintel, its really bad. it loads faster on my 800mhz pc... its gay.. so i use my ibook to type stuff...
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    im-0nim-0n Posts: 47member
    aww..thats sucks.....thanks anyway...btw do u know mac softwere, which is the same type like microsoft office? mac type maybe?
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