Adobe X products running in OS 9

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I'm curious, how do the newest versions of Adobe's carbonized for X applications run in OS 9.x ?

I'm running a B&W G3 as my main production machine right now and not planning to buy new iron until Q1 2003. Updating my apps at this point isn't a high priority, but if my budget frees up funds for upgrades I'll be sorely tempted not to make Photoshop and Illustrator and GoLive my first priority.




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    stroszekstroszek Posts: 801member
    I'm running Illustrator 10 on a beige G3 with 448MB RAM running OS 9.1. Overall it isn't all that bad. It takes forever to start the application, but from what I hear this was also the case with Illustrator 9 (I upgraded from 8) Once it starts up though, the performance isn't too shabby. The only things that I really have a problem with are:

    1) when you click and drag to select multiple objects, the resulting rectangle that shows what you are selecting enlarges slower than the mouse. Once I've finished moving the mouse, the rectangle is still trying to catch up with it. It is almost like they tried to make the growth of this rectangle smoother by drawing more immediate steps, but my computer can't keep up with it. Granted, this is probably a problem with the limitations of my computer, and not the OS or the software.

    2) there seems to be some sort of strange interactions with Photoshop 5. Everything is fine if I am working in Illustrator with Photoshop open in the background, but if I am working in Photoshop with Illustrator in the background, then probably more then 80% of the time, Illustrator will crash, and take the entire system down with it. Very annoying. Also, I have found that dragging and dropping (or cutting and pasting) things from Illustrator into Photoshop simply does not work the way it used to. Part of the image always disappears (and it's not because the Photoshop canvas is too small either). I have to export as a PSD file. It's not that that is a big deal, but it adds extra steps to my workflow.

    This isn't to say that I regret buying Illustrator 10, because I don't. Over all, it is a fine piece of software. I just wish I had a fine piece of hardware to run it on.

    Just my 2¢.

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    drewpropsdrewprops Posts: 2,321member
    Thanks for the notes, using these carbonized apps in the 9.x environment is an issue that I haven't seen discussed anywhere yet. There are probably some threads at the Adobe Support Forums, but I'd like some on-the-street this helped!


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