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I am sorry if I am posting this question in the wrong forum. But I couldn´t find any headline that match.

I waited and waited for the new Ibook but last week I ordered a macbookpro. It was shiped on the 30th och march. The information I get when I log in is that it will be delivered on the 7th. Do any of you know if that information usually is correct. It will be sent to Sweden.

I am ofcause dying to get it. I have never owed a Mac so it will be my first experience and I am allreaddy obssesd.

Have a good day!


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    robin hoodrobin hood Posts: 513member
    In my experience, products from Apple usually arrive earlier than they predict. For example, if you order something and it ships, and they tell you it will arrive on March 8, you can expect it at least a day earlier, if not several days earlier.

    At least, that has been my experience in Ireland. Obviously I'm not guaranteeing that it will arrive earlier, I'm just saying there's a good chance that it will, especially if it shipped on time.

    A replacement for the iBook will be out soon, maybe later this month, but you made a good decision buying a MacBook Pro. I got one a few weeks ago, and it's a fantastic machine. I am extremely pleased with it.
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    Thank you, that will give me some hope

    It was a very hard descision buying the pro instead of a new Ibook. It´s been very frustrating but I hope it was the right call. I am glad to here ther you are satisified with yours. I bought the smal one. Since the other one was to much money for me. I will probably upgrade the memory in the future.

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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    I would understand a confusion between current hardware and general discussion. But Future Hardware...
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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member
    Well, it's hardware in Klarafia's future...
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