Best Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combinations?

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The factory Wired Keyboard and Mouse is good but not wireless - what is the best Wireless solution available for the iMac?


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    I have and used to use the apple bluetooth keyboard and a logitech mouse.

    I now have a logitech S530 keyboard/mouse bundle and love it. The distance is much farther than the bluetooth solution offered by apple and the mouse has lot of buttons you can a link with expose, itunes, tab switching, etc. (what you want).

    I actually just bought a second bundle for another mac I have, I like it that much.


    It is $100 for both from the apple store. I think that is cheaper than the apple ones, and this is a laser mouse.
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    Logitechs do have a nice feel to them.

    I have been using the same Microsoft Office Keyboard for the past 4 years and I have just come to realize how that keyboard is severely impacting all areas of productivity in that the keys are really slow to respond - when typing on a laptop I noticed that I was way faster and liked those keys much better - my accuracy was up and everything so I just went ahead and ordered a Macally IceKey which is essentially a Laptop Keyboard for Desktops!
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    bergermeisterbergermeister Posts: 6,784member
    I use a Microsoft Natural Keyboard (wireless) mainly because I haver large hands and typing on most regular keyboards is painful for any length of time.

    I find that it works very well, and I cannot notice the afore mentioned sluggish response. Indeed, I type faster on it because of less pain.

    It also has lots of controls for everything, too, which is very useful.

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