CD track convert ?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Anyone knows whats the best OS X app to use for converting CD audio tracks to AIF or WAV files ?

When I do this with iTunes the files ar unusable for editing.....


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    ghost_user_nameghost_user_name Posts: 22,667member
    iTunes makes them unusable? :confused:

    Details, please.

    I always use iTunes for ripping CDs to AIF and have never once had a problem with taking the newly created files and messing around with them in Amadeus or SoundEdit or FinalCutPro or anything else for that matter.
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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    Stupid comment probably, but make sure the files aren't locked. Find the files through the Finder and Show Info to see if the Locked checkbox is activated.
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