MIA since 10.4 options in numerical format, decimal sign options

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Working in science it is useful to be able to switch between different decimal signs. Like "," in german and some other contries and "." in english.

In 7.1-9.2

A controll panel for numerical format to set the decimal sign

The numerical keyboard decimal key work as such using what ever decimal sign is used.

(Way better than Win 3.1 and Win 95/98)

In OS 10.3 and prior X versions

Control panel International/tab numerical format to set decimal sign.

The numerical keyboard decimal key locked to the default symbol of the keyboard. (one step backwards from OS 7


In 10.4.5 onwards

No options in numerical formats . The help files do refer to the otion to set different formats but the option button is MIA.

Is there a way of 1. getting proper decimal sign switching 2. map the numerical decimal key to use what ever sign I use?

Is is not fun telling the Win XP users how to set the decimal sign and then as a mac user tell that it does not work on a mac any more
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