Tom's Hardware screed WRT iTunes and iPod

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I hate to admit it, but I'm a frequent visitor to Tom's Hardware website.

Today, it has a link to a sister site WRT the iPod and iTunes here;

I don't know, but IMHO TH is PeeCee Geek Central!


Not 1337


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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,665member
    Holy crap.

    I just read through the comments and it appears that people who are not fond of the iPod are illiterate trolls who have never used one. I never thought that till now.

    Apparently, the iPod's crimes include:

    --Forcing you to use the iTMS because only iTMS songs will play on your iPod (original article).

    --Being the reason the music industry is teh suXXor because DRM and Ogg Vorbis rules, or something.

    --Being, in fact, a really really terrible music player, vastly outclassed by some obscure, long since discontinued Rio player which the poster still values, and the only reason for its popularity are Mac Fanbois, the Reality Distortion Field, and the sheep-like buying habits of all those stupid people who buy whatever they're told to buy.

    --Allowing each song to be burned to CD only once (original article), or, allowing each playlist to be burned to CD only once.

    --Not having any preferences, I guess, since so many of the posters are forced to endure default behaviors and there is no way to change them.

    --Forcing you to install the iTMS if you want the QT player (?).

    --Not being a "thumb drive", not allowing drag and drop, Ogg Vorbis rules.

    --Grossly overpriced, as befits an accessory for all those snobby wannabe People Who Aren't Me, as can be proved because a 512MB Sandisk player is cheap.

    --Forcing you to virtually turn your entire PC into the plaything of iTunes, which is bloated and unstable crapware, only Apple uses DRM, something something something.

    I would have thought the comments section in Tom's Hardware would be a little more, um, not irritable 12 year olds.
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