MacBookPro update and iBooks end of June?

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Intel is to update its Core Duo processor line [...] by early May. Some may go out the door before the end of April, we understand.

According to company documentation seen by Reg Hardware, the move will see Intel replace the three processor's C-0 core stepping with an update version dubbed D-0 [...] with shipments of commercial product commencing 23 June.

This TheReg article claims that intel will ship faster and updated Core chips by 23 June in quantity.

This could give Apple the opportunity to update the MBP to faster pieces and introduce iBooks/MacBooks with the slower parts which should drop in price accordingly.


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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    iBooks yes, MacBook Pros no.

    I believe we will see the MacBook Pro line using Merom processors rather than the current Yonahs. Apple is going to want to push a '64 bit' laptop and I expect we will see the MacBook Pro 15" and MacBook Pro 17" at WWDC in August.

    The iBooks, however, are overdue for an update. I believe that we will see them using Core Duos (mabe a Core Solo at the low end as a long shot). I'm nervous, however, that Apple will not put a graphics card in these iBooks and that they will use Intel integrated graphics like in the Mac Mini.

    I'm personally hoping that if there is an iBook with a Core Solo and integrated graphics that it is an educational machine only.
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