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Weird problem here. It seems that, when I'm browsing forums like this one, sometimes my mouse pointer disappears when I move up to the address bar and around there. If I click somewhere, the pointer returns, but can disappear without warning. I thought that there might be a problem with my Apple mouse (wired), but then the pointer wouldn't be there at all. It's there, but it just doesn't show. Am I making any sense?

My Apple mouse is connected directly to my G4 mini. Thanks in advance for your help.


P.S. I reset safari, but that didn't do anything. I thought that the 10.4.6 update would fix it but it didn't. I checked another user account on this computer and the same problem applies. It has also occured once, where the pointer disappeared on the desktop (outside of safari), but I haven't been able to replicate that. Thanks


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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    I think there's something written into computers that if you start typing into a text box, word processor, etc, that the cursor disappears. In fact, while glancing around my screen while typing this (on an XP system), I can't see the cursor.

    I just moved the mouse and it came back. When I started typing this paragraph it disappeared again. Seems like a normal operation...I guess to eliminate some screen clutter.
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    Yeah, that's not the case. I'm not typing when the pointer disappears. It seems to happen when I'm on this forum (not always) and particularly on the "Subsonic Disney Radio" forums. I have no clue why.

    Thanks, though. Anyone else have any idea?
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    keotkeot Posts: 116member
    It used to happen to me too. I think it occurs because some annoying flash adverts at the top of the page hide the cursor as you hover over them.

    Oddly enough it doesn't happen anymore.
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    So could it have something to do with flash player and safari? As far as I know, everything is working fine with that.

    Is there a preferences file I can trash?

    I always wish that trashing something like a prefs file will solve all problems.
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