Disney to Make TV Shows Available Free on Web

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In light of I-tunes TV download offerings, this article paints an interesting picture of the situation. Is $1.99 too much to avoid adverts? Is "owning" that much of a value for a product that we've long treated as disposable?

I dunno.


April 10, 2006

Disney to Make TV Shows Available Free on Web


Filed at 9:01 a.m. ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Walt Disney Co.'s ABC Television (DIS.N) will offer some of its most popular shows, such as ''Desperate Housewives'' and ``Lost,'' for free on the Internet in a two-month trial, the company said on Monday.

Advertising revenue will support the trial run on ABC.com, with advertisers AT&T Inc. (T.N), Ford Motor Co. (F.N), Procter & Gamble Co. (PG.N) and Universal Pictures already signed up.

``Commander in Chief'' and ``Alias'' along with ``Lost'' and ''Desperate Housewives'' will be available on the Web in May and June, starting the day after they are first broadcast.

Viewers will be able to pause and move between ``chapters'' in an episode but will not be able to skip ads that are technically embedded.

Disney is also launching a high-speed Internet channel for soap opera fans, called Soapnetic on April 17 for subscribers to Verizon Communications Corp.'s (VZ.N) Internet services.

Leading U.S. media companies are experimenting with ways to deliver programs via new technologies and still maintain revenue as viewership for their prime-time schedules slowly erodes.

ABC sells digital downloads of its highest-rated TV shows for the popular iPod music and video player, while other networks have been testing online and video-on-demand formats for airing shows soon after they first appear on broadcast TV.

``In the future, consumers will rely more and more on strong brands to help them navigate the digital world, and we have some of the strongest brands in entertainment,'' said Anne Sweeney, president of the Disney-ABC television group. ``Stay tuned ... because this is just the beginning.''


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    I must say, this does sound partly true, cause I guess embedding commercials into it would make it legal without having to pay for it. This would be a cool feature, It might be kind of annoying having to watch the commercials, but I guess it would be worth it to save $1.99.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    You also pay $1.99 for the portability of putting it on an iPod.
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